Okrug Gornji

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Okrug Gornji

Geographical location

Okrug Gornji and Okrug Donji are in the Municipality Okrug, which belongs to the administrative and territorial Split - Dalmatia County. But only the name Okrug or Okruk, let us note that both places are distributed along the beautiful circular bay on the west side of the island. Okrug Donji is located in the southwest, Okrug Gornji in the western part of the island of Ciovo.
Affiliation of the island with the bridge, near Trogir (2 km), Split Airport (8 km) and Split ferry port (25 km) is a huge benefit of Okrug, which is so accessible to visitors at the same time facilitates visit various tourist destinations on the mainland and islands.
The special charm of Okrug Gornji, gives a wonderful panorama. View of the archipelago, the islands of Solta, Drvenik Large and Small are his unity.

Historical sights

Beside the sea there is a burial chapel of St.. Tudor, which binds to the emergence of Okrug Gornji. In 14th or 15th century, built in honor of the respected soldier and martyr from Euhaite in Turkey. The first time the church mentioned 1439th. The present church was built on the ruins of demolished old Croatian church from which are left parts of the stone furniture. The church and around it are built in segments from the early Middle Ages: the altar is the work of early Croatian baluster, and the cemetery chapel built into the old Christian transenna. The main altar is a valuable Baroque painting showing St. Teodora. From the 1735th Church of St. Charles Borromeo, the present church was built on the ruins of a small chapel, dedicated to the same saint. Simple construction with a distaff with two tone hides numerous statues of saints, and pre-Romanesque baptistery.
Nicholas Andreis, a professor of philosophy and medicine at Padova, in the beautiful bay Racetinovac built mansion 1630th year. In the mansion there was a church dedicated to St. Anthony the Hermit. Today only ruins are visible once beautiful mansion.


The main attraction of the Okrug Gornji is over 2 km long beautiful pebble beach known as Copacabana. Nice beach resort with numerous bars and restaurants, music and all-day events provide the atmosphere like in Rio. During the day you can enjoy the crazy ride with the Jet sky, parasailing, windsurfing, or rent waterbike. Rent a boat and explore the surrounding islands Fumija, Kraljevac or Solta, Hvar and Brac ... With scooter or bike you can explore the interior of the island of Ciovo, old village Žedno at the very top of the island and enjoy the beautiful view of the Adriatic islands. Beautifully decorated walkway over the beaches it continues to tip of the island.
Numerous restaurants offer a wide choice of different kinds of food. From the excellent pizza, which you served in a domestic ambience Pizzeria Roko, to fresh seafood delicacies in the restaurant Leonardo. If you want to experience the true Dalmatian ambience, visit restaurant Đaga and taste its unique steak. Evenings are full of fun and dance ... different live music for all tastes and generations. Sing along with Dalmatian choir ( Klape ) Dalmatian songs or dance to the frantic pace of modern music, which spin the world famous DJ, in the Aquarius bar.
Regular boat every 30 minutes drive from the Okrug Gornji to Trogir. Boarding in a small port in the Okrug and unboarding in Trogir at the end of the Riva. There are frequent buses.